Building a Sustainable Environment for Children to Thrive!!

How Venture Funds are Used
Not sure if you knew this, but our center is a non-profit organization.  This means that revenues are used to push our educational agenda and create a space for children to thrive and fully prepare for elementary school. Your contributions, grants and donations fulfill needs in several areas:

  • Teaching Children
  • Teaching Teachers
  • Teaching Families 
  • Helping to Lead in areas that increases Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within our community 
  • Lastly, help families in need of services due to financial hardships. 

Venture Philosophy
Our practice within the classroom and with our families is supported by research-based theories, which are used to close the achievement gap for children who might otherwise have very limited opportunities for elementary success. Educational inequities is a important and widely discussed subject; therefore, we work hard and only partner with those who have the same goal.  

Cathy is part of the Leadership Team and is the Infant Toddler Supervisor.  With over 25 years of experience, Cathy brings extensive knowledge in policies on literacy and social-emotional development, quality, learning standards and assessments, especially in the early Pre-K years.  After receiving her Directors certification, she's been working hard to finish her degree in early childhood education!  Her dedication to the organization has earned her numerous awards and not to mention parent recommendations and acknowledgements for superior knowledge of the program.   

A Venture Thank You 
Venture for Success Preparatory is honored to build relationships and being proud recipients of grant opportunities from the Buell Foundation and Qualistar of Colorado. Thanks for being such an integral part of our growing organization. 

Want to enroll in a center that values education? Well Jacqueline Cradle is one step ahead. She is very creative by surrounding herself with greatness to gain a better output in life.  She values mentors to build and understanding of what effective in early education. Jacqueline Cradle., M.Ed (Center Director, Vice President and CO-Founder) has a Masters in Education from Regis University Ma. She is affiliated with the Expanding Quality in Infant and Toddler (EQIT) care.  She has been re-elected to the the Licensing Advisory Board for the Governor’s office and is an alumni of the CASE (Colorado Association of School Executives) program.  Needless to say, she has a strong understanding of the community needs in education for both children and adults. 

WHAT'S GONNA WORK?  TEAM WORK! Take a look below at how our team complements one another and builds successful outcomes!  

Nathaniel Cradle., M.B.A. (President and CO-Founder) had the foresight to engineer an idea that supports the needs of children.  Taking on the responsibility of the  Director of Strategic Management and Business Development, Nathaniel set out to build partnerships to redesign an environment to enhance the social and emotional awareness of children before entering elementary school. 

With over 13 years of experience in developing preparatory centers, he provides management, grant writing and oversight in areas including finance, TQM, strategic marketing and risk analysis.  Nathaniel works close with Foundations concerned with educational inequalities and equal opportunity.  He uses his partnerships to fuel the agenda of the organization.  

Venture for Success Preparatory Learning Center